Wells Properties AG provides real estate investment management services to both private and institutional investors.

Wells Properties AG is the ideal partner for the private investor who wishes to diversify assets by investing in real estate, but lacks the access to opportunities, property management know-how or even the desire to be involved in day-to-day operations. Private investors can trust Wells Properties AG to identify lucrative investment opportunities and well-suited financing solutions. With the benefit of its market reputation, in-house underwriting expertise, and the strength of its banking relationships, Wells Properties AG efficiently manages property due diligence and acquisition. We specialize in transforming properties into cost-effective, attractive and profitable operations. We rigorously manage capital allocation, strategic expense reduction and rental income growth to optimize net income, cash flow and return on the investment.

For the institutional investor who wants to diversify into real estate, Wells Properties AG is a clever, efficient and proven partner. The firm’s ability to arrange for customized and timely institutional-grade financial reports allows investors to easily leverage the reports for their own consolidation and external reporting requirements.


Wells Properties AG offers property management to its real estate investors.

Wells Properties AG oversees and manages commercial real estate consistently delivering results that surpass property owners and investors expectations. The financial results we achieve provide hard evidence that we deliver on our promise to manage properties as if these were our own with best-in-class occupancy rates, rigorous expense control, astute capital investment and some of the brightest, conscientious, and most experienced management and leasing talents in the industry.

Property owners benefit directly from our markets relationships that have been built and nurtured through the years. For retail property owners, we actively seek and attract AAA anchor tenants and can therefore adjust tenant mix to increase the property’s profitability. Our size, flawless reputation and existing relationships enable us to consolidate purchasing power and negotiate better terms, as well as receive superior service from all vendors, including banks, insurance providers and municipal agencies. This has a tangible impact on the property owner’s ability to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Wells Properties AG offers a unique relationship to investors and property owners large and small. Our firm is known for a dynamic hands-on management whose course of action and decisions are made quickly and effectively to help you succeed.