"Our passion is real estate"

Wells Properties AG is a privately owned and well capitalized Swiss based real estate investment company specialized in Swiss hard asset investments solutions.

We are real estate investors ourselves and as such have deep insights and knowledge of the commercial and industrial real estate markets. We specialize in shaping and executing turnkey tailor made real estate investment strategies developed by us to meet our or our clients' set milestones and investment goals.

At Wells Properties AG we pursue a long-term investment approach focused on conservative and fundamentally sound real estate value. While cap rates are important indicators these are not our main decision making tool instead we employ a vast array of data and appraisal resources to select opportunities such as distressed or underperforming assets or other special situations. Our distinct strategy and our top-tier customer service differentiate us from aggressive earning-based and maxi-leveraged strategy most of our competitors promote.

A commitment to excellence in everything we do and is the guiding principle that defines us.

"Our beliefs are set on solid ground"