Wells Properties AG offers full-service advisory solutions for commercial real estate investors throughout the entire commercial real estate investment process. Our team of experts will add value to your investments.

Consulting and advisory services

Wells Properties AG provides a wide range of advisory services to real estate investors in Switzerland and select European markets. We service institutional investors, high net-worth individuals, pension funds and other institutions. Our advisory services include:

- Specific asset sale strategy including dress-up service
- Portfolio strategy by property type and market diversification
- Asset analysis and appraisals
- Facility management analysis and procurement of alternative service providers
- Market and submarket analysis
- Assist with development and renovation feasibility studies

Understanding Your Objectives

We focus our attention to gain a thorough understanding of your objectives and current assets structures including non real-estate assets to develop a holistic portfolio allocation strategy.

Our advisory and consulting services will increase your ability to formulate purchase or divestment decisions, analyze markets, shape your ideal portfolio strategies, evaluate development or refurbishing options and optimize returns during the holding period of properties.

Working towards a long lasting relationship

We measure our success by the quality and longevity of client relationships. We view each transaction as a unique challenge and employ the sum of our experience to deliver reliable forecasting and guidance for the best possible course of action.

At Wells Properties AG we strive to build solid relationships based on integrity, the highest standards of conduct and sound business practices.