Wells Properties AG’s Real Estate Investment Strategy is designed for those private and institutional and individual investors who both recognize the diversification benefits of real estate in their overall investment portfolios and also desire exposure outside their domestic commercial real estate market.

The investment strategy is carefully adapted to the particular needs of our clients and focuses on commercial real estate opportunities in three main geographic regions: Switzerland, Germany and the rest of Europe. Our Management team has internal real estate investment expertise in terms of the Switzerland and Germany regions. For the rest of Europe, we elect partners who can provide deep local expertise on a case-to-case basis so to ensure we have extensive coverage of these markets should that be required.

Since investments in real estate are negatively correlated to both stocks and bonds markets these investments offer excellent wealth protection and preservation by diversifying not only in terms of asset classes but in the case of Swiss properties also benefitting from the traditionally strong Swiss currency and stable economy.

The objective of our Real Estate Investment Strategy is to achieve stable regular income combined with long-term capital growth by investing in multipurpose diversified buildings which we believe offer solid returns relative to their underlying real estate values.