We believe that real estate assets are one of the key drivers of economic performance and an indispensable part of any comprehensive investment strategy.

The philosophy guiding our real estate investing strategies is consistently focused on net asset value and is intrinsically research centered while at the same time analytical and value-adding at each stage of the investment process.

Our approach is analytical in the sense that all investments are carefully screened before and after investment, to assess its potential, both individually and as part of a wider portfolio. We understand real estate as a financial asset, and apply techniques used for other investment classes to understand real estate's role as part multi-asset portfolio as well as a stand-alone investment strategy.

We rely on thorough research to be a key precondition to make an informed investment decision and to provide a disciplined and a consistent framework for managing our and our clients’ real estate holdings.

We analyze risk factors, identify and take advantage of market fluctuations or mispricing, screen special or turn around opportunities. Each individual investment strategy is formalized through detailed investment plans, which are regularly monitored and reviewed as market conditions evolve.

We strive to add value at each stage of the investment process. This is achieved through an optimized asset allocation framework, which targets markets expected to outpace average performance while at the same time limiting risk levels. Consistency with our own and or clients’ investment objectives is of paramount importance and factored into the decision process.

The contributions from clever asset selection, opportunity sourcing, and active management are fundamental drivers of investment performance. Real estate investment is unusual vs. other asset classes since value can be added after purchase, and we seek to maximize these opportunities.